First American Ambassador to Britain – 1785 to 1788


After nearly a year of negotiation, in September 1783 Adams, Jefferson and Jay signed the Treaty of Paris with Great Britain. During the period between the Treaty of Paris and his appointment as Minister to Britain, John was one a key negotiator of trade relations between the United States and Prussia.

In 1785, John Adams was appointed as the first American ambassador to Great Britain, his mission lasted thirty days short of three years. His aim was to restore the damaged relationship between the two countries and to create commercial ties by persuading Britain to open its ports to American products.

Meanwhile he finally had Abigail and Nabby by his side after more than four years of separation. During this time he made acquaintances with almost every British dignitary and other nation’s ambassadors as well as writers, scientists, wealthy merchants and church officials. During his stay in London Adams participated in negotiations of commercial agreements with Portugal and Prussia and negotiations of loans with The Netherlands.

His mission was received with a cold shoulder by the British government who was not willing to cooperate with a once rebellious Adams. In early 1787 he requested Congress to name a successor to the ministry. In 1788 Adams returned to the United States.

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