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The Declaration of Independence

Congress adjourned in late July 1775 and the Massachusetts delegation returned home. After a four month absence John was anxious to see his family but as soon as he arrived home he was informed that his brother Elihu had died of dysentery. Adams spent his time in Massachusetts with his family and attending sessions in […] more

Second Continental Congress

The Second Continental Congress succeeded the  and took place in Philadelphia starting on May 10th 1775 right after the. . Independence Hall, home to the Second Continental Congress. . Congress was divided into three factions. One group of conservatives led by John Dickinson, the author of the Letters from a farmer in Pennsylvania, who fought […] more

First Continental Congress

The First Continental Congress met from September 5th to October 26th, 1774 in Carpenter’s Hall, the seat of the Pennsylvania Congress. Triggered by the Intolerable Acts, the purpose of the Congress was to present a united voice to the authority of Great Britain. Fifty six delegates from 12 colonies attended, they were chosen by their […] more